Get The Look: White Out

love niche fashion

It’s the perfect time to wear the white trend H to T, lightweight fabrics to let skin breathe with a mix of full skirts and tailored shapes.

Worn day or night this look is easy to achieve, the trick is to compliment your own body shape as sometimes white can be a little unforgiving. Here’s a couple of tips-


If you have a fuller section in the middle of your body you may want to avoid tight fabrics and forget the belt under your ribs thing, it only makes the body look massively disproportional. I usually find those with apple shapes have great legs so wear tailored shorts or slim trousers and pair with a loose top with a v neck to draw the eye down instead of across.


If you find your hips and bottom look wider than the rest of your body you may prefer straight leg trousers as skinny or wide leg might enhance the appearance.To balance things visually try a top with structure or embellishment across the top. It’ll detract and even the proportion of the body. If you have a curvy bottom and are happy to show it off I’d go with a pencil skirt and tailored jacket that sits on the hip. Anything too short and cropped on the top half will pull the eye down to the stomach and hip area.


If you have a slim or as they call it ‘boyish’ shape then you can create curves with structured waists and peplums. Make shoulders a feature and to give the appearance of more width by wearing a halter neck top and pair with a full skirt belted at the waist. It will show off that small section whilst the gathering of the material in the skirt will give the illusion of wider hips. Immediately you will shake off that Boyish tag!

Top Heavy

If you are larger in the bust than hip you may feel unbalanced visually however this is easily corrected. Try a boat neck or straight cut top, v necks pull attention to the bust so you may want to avoid that. Balance the lower section by adding a peplum skirt or wide leg trousers and slightly looser top. Anything too loose will drape over the bust creating an unflattering look.

Here’s a couple of ideas from the studio, the shoulder detail top is perfect for those balancing larger hips!

love niche fashion

love niche fashion

Hope this helps, love Team Niche x





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