How to dress for your silhouette in Autumn/Winter

If you’ve read our last post you might just be that little bit more excited for Autumn/Winter to come! We’re not wishing summer away but we thought a quick guide on how to dress for your silhouette before the new stock arrives could be useful!

Layering is key when it comes to Autumn/Winter trends and the trick is to compliment your own body shape as sometimes a lot of layers can be a little unforgiving. Here’s a couple of tips to adapt these trends as per your body shape



If you have a fuller section in the middle of your body you may want to avoid tight fabrics and forget the belt under your ribs it only makes the body look massively disproportional.First option is to try tailored trousers with slightly loose tops although avoid boxy masculine tops which are on trend this season and they can be very tempting, however try to keep away from them. You want to draw attention to other features such as your legs. Also this A/W, Blanket coats are one to watch for this silhouette shape.


If you find your hips and bottom look wider than the rest of your body you may prefer straight leg trousers as skinny or wide leg might enhance the appearance.To balance things visually try Jackets or tops with heavy embellishment and try to draw attention to  your waist, these are key for A/W and Decorative Zips are a big trend this year.

Top Heavy

The aim is to accentuate your bottom half  and minimise your top half creating a balance

If you are larger in the bust than hip you may feel unbalanced visually however this is easily corrected. Long sleeves are a key trend to watch out for & tops that are simple or smaller prints/block colours are perfect for this AW 14. Cardigans & Chunky knits are a good idea  especially to wrap up for autumn and winter.But try and avoid detail on the shoulders, neckline however embellishment on the base line can really help to balance out your silhouette.


If you have a slim or as they call it ‘boyish’ shape then you can create curves with structured waists & dresses. Belts are a key trend for you this Autumn/Winter. Also sixties A line shift dresses. Sixties are going to be a big trend for AW. Normcore is also a big trend this season, the tailored ‘smart look’ will really accentuate your height if you are tall. Long sleeve tops are good for extra slim arms and will keep you wrapped up warm this Autumn/Winter.


if you have an a fuller bust, curvy hips but a killer waist then you’ll find you have the hourglass shape. Blanket coats with a belted waist are key for you this season as it is important to draw attention to your best features thus being your waist. High rise pencil skirts & figure hugging knits can also show off & balance out your silhouette.Although boxy and masculine styles might be on trend this AW, try and avoid these as they will not show off your silhouette to its full potential.Monochrome is a good trend this season and is definitely one to wear for the hourglass shape!

happy shopping!

Love Team Niche x

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